How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

For a cheaper and environment-friendly energy source, more and more people are turning to alternative power sources for home use.

But it needs more promotion. And one of the things people should know is how much do solar power panels cost.

Commercial Solar Power System

At the most, using solar power as an alternative power source for home use using commercial systems can cost anywhere from $ 30k to $ 50k.

This is complete with all necessary accessories. This cost will enable a whole household to be powered by the sun.

Imagine using appliances, utility machines, kitchen devices, lighting, convenient outlets, and others by simply hooking up to the sun’s energy daily.

But this amount, some say, is exactly why some people are reluctant to use this alternative power source for home use. There have to be some cheaper answers to how much solar panels cost.

Break Down of Cost

Solar panels sell per watt usage. The usual price is around $4 to $6 for each watt of recorded power output. A typical roof solar panel would use about 100 to 300 watts of power.

So this would cost roughly $400 to about $1500, more or less. However, getting a solar panel is not enough to empower an entire house with the sun’s power.

There are accessories needed to make the thing work as a whole system. These definitely add to how much solar panels cost. But when the system starts working and saving energy costs, it will prove a good alternative power source for home use.

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If the system is installed by a company, that is another additional cost. With accessories and installation costs, consider a price range from $8 to $10 for each watt of utilized power.

This is a conservative estimate. Some systems installed for big households even range from $ 8k to $ 100k because typical big households usually use from 1000 to as high as 10,000 watts of power.

The good news is, that some States offer incentives like tax savings or rebates to lessen how cost by 50 percent. This encourages the use of solar energy. This also lessens people’s worries about how much solar panels cost.

How effective is this Power Source Alternative?

Simply put, a typical home system can give some $300 to $2500 worth of energy power annually. That’s a lot of power saved. And the system will serve for about 30 years or more.

In one’s lifetime, it can save money for energy consumption of up to $120,000. That’s good investment. Imagine what other small investments plus some vacation trips that savings could translate into.