How Much Do QVC Hosts Make?

One of the multinational companies based in West Chester Pennsylvania that is popular for home shopping, QVC was established on June 13, 1986 by Joseph Segel.

In 2009, the company was able to sell products to approximately 140 million consumers from four other countries in the world, which are Great Britain, Germany, Italy, and Japan.

To promote its products, the firm introduces various home shopping programs like Saturday Night Beauty, My Time with Mary Beth, Whole You with Sandra as well and Dining with David.

To know how much QVC hosts make, let us look at the annual salary received by the hosts.

Annual Salary of Television Program Hosts

How much do QVC hosts make? The salaries received by hosts differ on their length of service at the company.

For example, individuals who are new to the television programs launched by the firm receive a yearly income of $70,000.

On the other hand, the annual salaries of those who have been in the company for at least a year are $80,000 to $500,000, depending on the ratings of the programs that they host.

Additional Information and Other Important Details

In 2009, the company reported that it had a total of 16,900 employees in the world. The television programs launched by QVC are broadcast 24 hours a day.

In terms of profits and revenues, QVC ranked first among home shopping television networks in the United States. Many people became popular when they were recruited by the firm to host some of the television programs.

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They include Christa Pitts, Marianne Manko, Jennifer Dempster, and Elizabeth Day. Some of the most popular hosts affiliated with QVC are Jill Bauer, Sandra Bennett, Rick Domeier, and Patti Reilly.

When it comes to products, the company sells numerous home improvement products. In addition to these, it offers various styles of clothes for both men and women.

Aside from these, QVC also sells cosmetic products like make-up. Some of the beauty brands that the firm offers to consumers are Le Mirador Skin Care, Joan Rivers, Mally Beauty as well and Jonathan Product Salon Hair Care.

To promote the products well, QVC usually broadcasts several programs in a day that share a single theme like Fashion Day, Klondike Gold Rush, Cooking on Q Day as well and Big Bonanza Silver Day.

When it comes to charity work, the company also gives money to cancer patients by selling branded and designer shoes half the original price. This shoe sale is known to many people as the FFANY Shoes on Sale.