How Much Do Mp3 Players Cost?

Digital audio players (also known as MP3 players) are electronic devices that have the capacity to store, organize as well and play different audio files.

These audio players are classified into different types including flash-based players, hard drive-based players, MP3 CD players, and networked audio players.

To know how much do MP3 players cost, it is best to look at the different styles and brands of digital audio players available in the commercial market.

Costs Based on Brands

How much do MP3 players cost? The price of digital audio players is influenced by various factors like brands.

The audio players released by iPod usually cost $75 to $350, depending on the style and model while the players introduced by Sony cost around $$70 to $200.

The music players manufactured and launched by SanDisk cost $65 to $200.

Costs Based on Styles

The prices of music players are also influenced by styles. For instance, iPod Shuffle costs $70 to $90 while the iPod Nano costs $180 to $190.

Consumers who are interested in buying an iPod Classic should prepare $319 to $339. Finally, the price of iPod Touch usually costs $400 to $760.

The costs of MP3 players are also influenced by the memory of the device. For example, audio players that can store one gigabyte of audio files usually cost $60 to $70 while products that can store two gigabytes of files cost $89.

Consumers who want to buy audio players with four gigabytes of memory should allot $190 to $200. If they prefer audio players that have eight gigabytes, 16 gigabytes, and 32 gigabytes of memory, they need to prepare $400, $570, and $760 respectively.

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Lastly, MP3 players that can store and organize 160 gigabytes of files usually cost $320.

Additional Information and Other Important Details

To operate effectively, MP3 players use various audio formats to convert audio files.

Some of the common formats used by digital audio players are Windows Media Audio (also known as WMA) and Advanced Audio Coding (also known as AAC).

Other music players can also decode Waveform of WAV and Audio Interchange File Format.

MPMan player from SaeHan Information Systems is the first digital audio player released in the market in 1997.

A year later, Diamond Multimedia launched the Rio PMP300. In 2001, the first generation of Apple Incorporated’s product line iPod was released.

In July 2002, the company introduced the second generation of the product line, which attracted many consumers because the product is suitable for the features of computers that use Microsoft Windows.