How Much Do Firefighters Get Paid?

Firefighters are well-trained rescuers who are responsible for putting out fires that are hazardous to properties as well as life-threatening to civilian populations.

The main goals of fire brigades or fire departments focus on prevention, self-preservation, rescue, fire control, structure fire, and HAZMAT scenarios.

Firefighting is a risky and dangerous profession so it is just important that fire service employees get the income that they deserve.

To know how much firefighters are paid, let us look at the median annual pay given to these people based on two factors, type of employment and the length of service.

Type of Employment

How much do firefighters get paid? The salaries of firemen who were employed by firms have an average yearly pay of $53,861 while those who were hired by nonprofit organizations receive a median income of $38,000 a year.

Rescuers who were recruited by local and state governments to work at fire emergencies make $45,983 a year. Finally, firefighting professionals who work on a contractual basis usually make $52,500 a year.



Length of Service

Aside from employment type, the range of firefighter salaries is also influenced by tenure or length of service. Firefighting service employees who have been in service for less than a year receive a median pay of $37,276 every year.

Employees who have been working for fire departments for one year to four years receive an average annual pay of $36,984. Rescuers who were involved in firefighting services for five years to nine years get a median income of $44,702 a year.

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Firemen who were employed for 10 years to 19 years receive an average pay of $52,167 a year. Lastly, employees who have been in service for 20 years and above make a median income of $63,222 a year.

Additional Information and Other Important Details

Firefighting is a challenging occupation since it requires workers to be present whenever an emergency happens. The main duty of firefighters is extinguishing fires.

Aside from these, they are also expected to save properties, save lives as well and protect the surroundings from being damaged by hazardous fires.

To become qualified in this profession, it is important to finish a course at a fire school accredited by the local government or state government.

In addition, it is necessary to enroll in training programs and extra courses that teach fundamental skills in Para-medicine as well as technical rescue.

After satisfying all these requirements, it is essential to complete an apprenticeship program at the local fire department.