How Much Do Dolphins Weigh?

Dolphins are highly intelligent creatures, that are generally classified as marine mammals. They are somewhat associated with porpoises and whales.

Today, they play a significant role in popular culture, mainly because of their playful attitude and friendly appearance.

These qualities have made them stars of marine theme parks, television shows, and even motion pictures.

Let’s take a closer look at these marine creatures including how much do dolphins weigh.

The Weight of Dolphins

How much do dolphins weigh? The size and weight of dolphins vary depending on the species. For instance, bottlenose dolphins can be as heavy as 200 kilograms.

Meanwhile, killer whales or orcas can reach weights of up to 4,535 kilograms. On the other hand, small dolphins only weigh around 30 kilograms.

Add to that, the so-called Maui dolphins only weigh somewhere close to 40.82 kilograms.

Additional Information and Other Important Details

Although some species look like whales, they are still dolphins. These include short-finned pilot whales, false killer whales, and melon-headed whales. The same also goes for other species such as long-finned pilot whales, pygmy killer whales, and Orcinus orca.

These animals are widely used in literature. For years, they have been the subject of numerous books such as Karen Hesse’s “The Music of Dolphins,” “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” and Larry Niven’s “Known Space.”

Aside from literature, dolphins play important roles in animal-assisted therapy. For years, psychologists and other scientists have been figuring out ways where they can use these wonderful animals for treating developmental disabilities and psychological problems.

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Thanks to the presence of dolphinariums, the interest of people in these marine creatures was rekindled. Furthermore, it allowed people to have a closer look at these friendly and gentle animals.

Because dolphins are subject to numerous threats, humans are conducting various kinds of efforts to take care of these beautiful animals.

Organizations like Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society as well as Mote Marine Laboratory are always there to take care of orphaned, stranded, and wounded dolphins.

Although they are gentle to people, these animals still have numerous natural enemies, most of which are ferocious marine predators such as great white sharks, tiger sharks, and bull sharks.

For people who love these creatures, they can watch them in different kinds of motion pictures. Some of the popular dolphin films in the past include “The Day of the Dolphin” in 1973, “Orca” in 1977, and “Flipper” in 1963.

Of course, do not forget the movie “Free Willy” in 1993, the science fiction TV show “seaQuest DSV in the 90s as well as the TV series “Flipper” that was aired in 1964.