How Much Do Archaeologists Get Paid?

Are you interested in studying ancient human cultures? Do you like to recover and discover material remains from early civilizations? Are you planning to pursue a career in the field of archaeology?

Would you like to know how much archaeologists make? Let us have a quick look at the average annual salary of archaeologists based on two factors, namely the type of employment as well as the length of service.

Length of Service

How much do archaeologists get paid? Experts in archaeology who have been working for a year to four years have an average annual salary of $33,366 while those who have been in service for five years to nine years get a median income of $41,416 a year.

Social scientists who specialize in this field and who have been working for 10 years to 19 years make $45,353 a year.

Lastly, archaeologists who have been practicing the profession for 20 years or more receive an average income of $56,498 a year.

Type of Employment

The income of people who are involved in programs and projects related to archaeology also depends on the type of employer that hires them.

For example, employees who work for private firms or institutions as well as local and state governments receive a median income of $45,000 a year.

Individuals who were employed by nonprofit organizations have an average annual pay of $25,200 while those who were recruited by universities and colleges receive a median income of $32,400 a year.

Additional Information and Other Important Details

Archaeology is a branch of social science that focuses on the study of human cultures by recovering, documenting, analyzing, and interpreting landscapes, artifacts as well as biofacts.

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It covers different areas of study like cultural resources management, archaeometry, and historical archaeology. Archaeologists are responsible for excavating lands to find material remains.

Their duties also focus on surveying land areas through the use of different methods like field walking, geophysical as well as aerial photography.

Aside from these, experts on archaeology conduct presentations and lead programs about the educational environment.

Another special task of people involved in this practice is to produce written materials that contain information about excavations and site interpretations.

To become an expert in this field, it is important to complete a degree either in archaeology or anthropology.

For high school students, it is beneficial if they enroll in special classes that allow students to practice their skills in laboratory analysis as well as fieldwork.