How Much Did the First Television Cost?

Definitely one of the most popular means of telecommunication, the television continues to entertain people especially when there is really nothing else to do.

Launched sometime in 1928, this wonderful electronic device was invented by John Logie Baird. Today, it is widely used in various parts of the world.

Let’s find out more about this all-important telecommunication medium including how much the first television cost.

The Price of the First TV Set


How much did the first television cost? In 1928, General Electric launched a line of TV sets with only 3-inch by 4-inch screens.

These products were sold for as little as $55 to $75 only. However, the commercialization of these products only arrived in the closing years of the 1930s.

During that time, TV sets started to fill institutions, businesses as well as homes.

Additional Details and Other Interesting Information

The television has a very colorful and interesting history. Its earlier models made use of electronic, mechanical, and optical technologies. Philo Farnsworth designed the first working TV system in the world in 1928.

In September of that particular year, a motion picture film was televised. In Germany, the TV was used for practical purposes. Meanwhile, Kalman Tihanyi decided to introduce the principle behind Plasma TV sometime in 1936.

In various parts of the world, television broadcasting is funded differently. Amongst the common sources of funds for TV networks include licensing, advertising, and government support.

Because of the wide coverage and reach that TV can make, many advertisers find it a very convenient tool to introduce and advertise their products. Sponsorship deals are also used to fund broadcasting operations.

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Since 1940, television commercials have been considered the most popular, persuasive, and effective way of introducing products. Recently, infomercials or paid TV programs have continued to gain popularity.

Additionally, some companies also use video news releases as an effective means of introducing their products to the public. TV programs are also the perfect place for product placements.

TV sets can serve numerous helpful purposes. They can educate, inform, and entertain various types of audiences. Dramatic miniseries is the most expensive television production.

Likewise, historical Western genres are also quite expensive considering their high costs of production.

For those who want to watch shows with an action theme, they can easily find thriller shows, detective dramas and police/crime programs on TV.

Soap operas and medical dramas are also very popular. For those who wish to feel good, they can always choose any of the wonderful comedy shows on TV.

It also has numerous social aspects including technology trends, suitability for the audience, and educational advantages among other important aspects.

Its commercial use is widely monitored including positive as well as negative effects on audiences and society in general.