Those who are interested in starting a stamp collection would have wondered just how many stamps and which stamps should they collect.

You might have guessed correctly that the type of stamps you collect has a direct effect on how much you’ll be spending on your collection.

This is also a way to classify what type of collection you will be making.

Type of Stamps

To help you figure out how much are stamps worth, you should consider what type of collection you’ll be making.

If you’re the traditional type then you’ll collect various stamps according to their country of origin.

Yet, there are those who have collections based on the design, otherwise known as topical collectors.

However, there are those who collect copies of stamps according to type, also known as a specialist. And there are those who collect whatever stamps they can get hold of, which is what we call a worldwide collector.

Of course, you can tell that a collector who specializes in certain types of stamps will have to spend a little bit more than a worldwide collector. This roughly gives you an idea of just how much are stamps worth.

Factors that Affect How Much are Stamps Worth

Take note that many of the stamps you’ll find will either be less than or equal to their original face value.

However, you will eventually encounter stamps that are really worth a lot more. Take note of the different factors that affect how much are stamps worth.

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A stamp’s age: Stamps are generally like antique collections that capture the grace and aesthetic qualities of the time they were made. Thus, stamps that are much older will definitely go over their original face value. In fact, stamps that are generally more than 40 years old are indeed more valuable.

Rare or Common: The number of stamps that are in circulation also has a direct effect on its price. Limited edition stamps are generally more expensive than the regular ones you can find. A combination of qualities like that of an old and rare stamp will definitely fetch a larger price.

As a rule, if a stamp you’re collecting has been used for postage then its value has decreased. New stamps that haven’t been placed in the mail will be of greater value.

Condition: Yet another factor that will affect how much are stamps worth would be its condition. A well-cared-for stamp that remains in its excellent condition will be worth more than a similar one that has a relatively poor condition. Stains, smudges, color, brightness, and other signs of damage lower the value of your collection.