How Much Are My Vinyl LPs Worth?

Long play (also known as LP) record albums refer to music recordings that follow the format used in phonograph records or vinyl Gramophone records.

Vinyl LPs usually have a diameter of 10 inches to 12 inches. These recordings were first introduced to the public in 1948. The popularity of long-play albums continued until the compact disc format was launched in 1988.

Unlike the compact disc format, which uses digital sound recording, long-play albums follow an analog format.

Music lovers who are interested in purchasing long-play albums should know the prices or costs of vinyl LPs today.

Costs of LP Albums

How much are my vinyl LPs worth? If you are one of those who are interested in selling their vinyl LPs, you should know that the prices or costs of these music albums depend on the songs featured in the albums as well as the singers who recorded the songs.

The price of the albums usually ranges from $4 to $25. Some of the long play recordings that cost $4 to $6 include “Ahab the Arab Woc,” “Mansion Over the Hilltop” as well as “Goodbye Blue Sky.”

Music lovers who like to buy LP albums with the price range of $7 to $10, these are good examples of the music recordings that they can purchase, “Discomania,” by Café Crème, “On Time,” by Beavers, “Abbey Road,” by Beatles, “Physical Graffiti,” by Led Zeppelin, and “Speak of the Devil,” by Osbourne Ozzy.

Individuals who can afford vinyl LPs that cost $11 to $15 can purchase some of these recordings, “Send Me Your Love,” by Kashif, “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap,” by AC/DC, as well as “Magical Mystery Tour,” by Beatles. Finally, LP owners of the recordings “Black Sabbath,” “Technical Ecstasy” and “Power Slave” can sell the albums for the price range of $20 to $25.

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Additional Information and Other Important Details

Vinyl long-play music recordings are delicate. Many people prefer compact discs to these albums because compact discs are less vulnerable to scratches than long-play records.

However, most disc jockeys in bars and clubs rely on long-play albums since these are easier to use in mixing dance songs than compact discs.

For those who want to sell their vinyl LPs, it is important to sell the albums as early as possible since the value of the records depreciates over time.

For their convenience, owners are encouraged to visit some of the websites that feature and buy long-play albums.